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Surgical Microscope

Bleedding gums with pockets for surgical mircroscope.We have taken your dental care to the next level. Our team at The Mugford Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants know how important your time is, that you want quality care performed with precision and less time in the dental chair. Dr. Mugford and Dr. Sfondouris can treat your dental problems more efficiently with the use of a surgical dental microscope. A dental microscope is a benefit to every surgical procedure, enlarging and enhancing every procedure.

Dental work can be complicated. The oral cavity is small and dark, the space that we work in is small, teeth are small, as is their roots and the other details we work on. A surgical dental microscope is a great dental tool that allows us to see those areas that we need to see. With it, we can:
•  Prepare your tooth, and entire dental area, for surgery. Our goal is to eliminate any exposure to the surgical site of bacteria or damage to any surrounding portions.
•  To magnify the area needed and the surrounding area for closer inspection, magnification is typically in the range up to 10x, varying on need.
•  To provide increased lighting that we are able to direct where needed.
•  Improves the ability to detect and evaluate tooth or root fractures and abnormalities.
•  Allows for better inspection and fit of dental appliances and molds or impressions.
•  Allows for better inspection and fit of dental restorations including crowns, veneers, fillings and inlays or onlays
•  Provides a better view for contouring and reshaping soft tissues around teeth.

Placing Dental Implants

Surgical dental microscopes are a valuable tool in dentistry, it assists us in providing magnification and improved illumination that enhances our precision in placing dental implants.

Dental implants are increasingly growing in popularity, but having them placed correctly is key to their success. Implant posts are placed directly into your jawbone, where with time, they should bond with your bone. Once healed, we attach the designated dental appliance, either a crown, a bridge, a partial or a full denture, the strength of the post is vital to the success of the appliance. Optimal strength comes from correct, and precise, placement. Surgical tools such as a dental microscope enhance the likelihood of success.


A benefit of a surgical dental microscope is the ability to take digital images while we work. Imaging allows for better communication with our patients. We can show you the work that has been done, along with the work that may still need to be done. These images can be shared with other members of your health care team as needed.

At The Mugford Center for Periodontics and Dental Implants, we believe in superior knowledge, an incredible staff, and the latest in dental technology. Part of our success is having the tools that enhance our abilities. David A. Mugford, DMD and Dr. Tassos Sfondouris, DDS, are happy to answer your questions about the surgical dental microscope. For more information, contact their Crofton, MD 21114 office by contacting their front office at:(410) 260-0790

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