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The rule of thumb regarding surgical procedures is that less invasive is typically preferable. When a surgery is less invasive, recovery times are shorter and patient discomfort is minimized. Until recently, there has not been a minimally invasive procedure for making modifications to bone. Piezosurgery® is a relatively new procedure that allows us to successfully modify bone in the jaw without damaging any of the soft tissues. We at The Mugford Center are proud to offer Piezosurgery® in our practice!

Piezosurgery® is a tool that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to cut, drill, and otherwise modify bone. Traditional bone cutting methods include drills and burs and often result in soft tissue damage and bone loss. This happens even in the best-case scenarios due to their cutting nature and the pressure needed to apply the tools. Trauma to soft tissue is a guarantee with traditional methods of bone modification.

With this tool we are able to achieve immense precision with impressive results. We use it to perform procedures such as crown lengthening, tooth extractions, implant site preparation, and periodontal therapy. All of this is achieved with no trauma to soft tissue. Our patients are happier with the results of these procedures when we use the Piezosurgery® tool because they heal faster with less swelling and post-operative pain.

We promise to provide you with the excellent care during your visit to our office. Whether you need a dental implant, gingival graft or anything in between, we are excited to offer you the best service and care in the industry! Give us a call today at (410) 260-0790!
1660 Village Green
Crofton, MD 21114

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(410) 260-0790

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