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How Digital X-rays Help with Gum Disease Treatment

Posted on 4/10/2019 by David Mugford
How Digital X-rays Help with Gum Disease TreatmentAdvances in technology have improved the way people live in many ways. It is hard to imagine life without many of the advancements we are so accustomed to. Technology has improved medical science as much as anything else.

It has made it possible to treat conditions that were not treatable before. In dentistry, the use of digital x-rays is another advancement that is improving the ways to treat oral health issues. This is true when it comes to the treatment of gum disease.

What Do Digital X-Rays Show

An X-Ray allows our dental professionals to look inside the teeth and gums to see what is going on. Traditional x-rays rely on a film to capture the images taken by the x-ray camera. Digital x-rays capture the images and store them on a computer. It is possible to view the digital images on the computer.

The digital x-rays show the same things as the traditional x-rays. While the images are the same, the ability to view digital x-rays is not. It is much easier to view digital x-rays in a variety of ways without having to take more pictures.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

There are many ways that digital x-rays help in the treatment of gum disease. The first benefit comes in the reduction of exposure to radiation. Digital x-rays reduce this exposure by as much as 80%. This lowers the risk associated with radiation.

The key benefit is how our dental professionals view the x-rays. Digital x-rays are easily viewed on the computer screen. It is possible to compare x-rays taken at different times. This allows for seeing how gum disease progresses or how effective a treatment plan is. It is also possible to enlarge areas of the x-rays and view specific parts where gum disease is present.

All these things give our dentists a better picture of what happens with gum disease and helps them create the best treatment plan for gum disease. Digital x-rays play an important role in diagnosing and treating gum disease. They are a tool that will continue to help people suffering from this condition.

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