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How Do You Care for Gums When You Lose All Your Teeth?

Posted on 8/10/2018 by David Mugford
How Do You Care for Gums When You Lose All Your Teeth?Even if you have lost all your teeth as an adult and whether you wear other cosmetic appliances or not, you still should be taking care of your gums. Keeping the mouth clean and free of germs will benefit your body as well.

Daily oral care should not stop if you have lost some or all your teeth and it's just as important as it was when you had all your pieces in your mouth.

Dentures and Gum Care

If you wear dentures, always remove the partial before bedtime. This is not only good for hygiene reasons, but it will give your gums and dentures time to take a break. If you are having discomfort, it can be a good time to swish with salt water.

Make sure you clean and soak your dentures nightly and if you use an adhesive to keep them in place, you need to have a special brush to get all those little pieces out of the denture. Do not use toothpaste or other abrasive cleaners. If you don't clean the dentures properly, they can irritate your gums and not you fit properly.

Mouth Care

After removing, cleaning and soaking your dentures, use a soft, wet wash cloth (you can buy the ones they sell for babies) to wipe your gums in the area where the dentures rest. This will help you remove bacteria, food or adhesive from your mouth and keep it clean. Using a mouthwash that doesn't contain alcohol is also a good idea for extra protection from bacteria.

Just because you don't have permanent teeth you should stop taking care of your gums. There are still bacteria growing in your mouth constantly and you can prevent other issues by maintaining good oral care habits.

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