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Dangers of Kids Getting Dental Implants

Posted on 1/30/2018 by David Mugford
Dental Implants The Mugford Center MD 21114Children are prone to lose teeth, just like adults. In most cases, they lose teeth through avulsion. An avulsed tooth is usually the result of too much force that breaks it from the bone through falls or trauma.

An avulsed tooth is likely to be ejected from the jaw by others when it lacks enough food (supplied by the blood). It eventually dies and has to be removed. The only way to reclaim it is through reimplantation and not implants.

Why Implants Are Not For Children

First, a child's jaw is still developing, and so implanting anything at this stage could change the jaw's development. Apart from inhibiting the jaw's growth, dental implants may cause some changes in the way teeth grow on the jaw. Eventually, the overall arrangement of teeth in the mouth changes, which could affect the child negatively as they grow.

Children in their early teens should not get dental implants. The safe age is 15 years for females, seeing as they develop faster than their male counterparts, and 17 years for males.

Alternative Dental Procedures

Dental bonding is a rare method of dental care that involves bonding the fake tooth with natural ones. Over time, the fake tooth develops a natural feel, but does not ruin the jaw's formation.

Others include braces and reimplantation. Braces or orthodontic wires reclaim the bite, firming teeth well on the jaw and even helping bind fake teeth to the natural ones. For cosmetic purposes, your child can use am artificial tooth, known as flipper that will seal the gap and improve their appearance. It is 100% artificial, and so it may affect their bite.

Tooth loss is quite common among children, but the best news is that the permanent tooth will grow back at some point. If the cosmetic effect is vital to your child, make an appointment with us, and we will give you the best option for them.

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