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How Can You Get Gum Tissue Back After Recession?

Posted on 11/15/2017 by David Mugford
Receding Gums The Mugford Center MD 21114
A receding gum can be caused by a number of factors affecting your gum health. Constant vigorous brushing is one big factor that forces your gums to recede while a dental disorder can be another factor. The deterioration of your gum line can also be attributed to a periodontal disease and an irregular oral care.

What happens is that healthy tissues along the gum line progressively retreats and recedes over time. This causes sensitivity to changing temperatures as the root is exposed.

Do Receding Gums Grow Back?

Although the gums are composed of soft tissues, they are your teeth's protection. They cover the root of the tooth and hold them in place. When your gums recede, it exposes your tooth to elements and loosens its grip.

The whole structure of your teeth becomes visible and more prominent. A poor dental care is one big factor that can make a gum recession worse.

But altogether, it is not impossible for your gum to grow back after recession. A very important step you can take is to visit your dentist to prevent the recession from worsening. Our dentist can work on a plan to alleviate the worsening problem and put your gums back to health.

Improve Oral Health to Prevent Gum Recession

Catching a periodontal disease in its early stages lessens the possibility of having gum recession. This, by its means, is the best way to handle the situation. Improving how you care for your teeth and gums is the best defense against having a receding gum.

While constant brushing is good, making sure to be attentive and gentle during brushing times will help prevent damage and the possibilities of having a receding gum line.

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