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Would You Look Better After Crown Lengthening?

Posted on 8/23/2017 by David Mugford
 Crown Lengthening The Mugford Center MD 21114
Have you recently heard about or been considering crown lengthening? It is a procedure where your gums are trimmed back some, making the crowns of your teeth a bit longer. This procedure used to be done with a scalpel, but it typically isn't anymore.

The vast majority of dentists currently use a laser for this procedure. That gives you a lot of benefits, especially when you consider that most recipients say that by using the laser, the procedure is virtually painless. Could this process help you, then?

Times Where Crown Lengthening Can Help Improve the Look of Your Smile

Some people are naturally born with larger gums than others. These larger gums can cover up some of the crown, or the white part, of your natural tooth.

While there aren't necessarily any health problems to worry about as long as you keep up with your oral health, it can be a problem with how you look to yourself. If you want to have larger looking teeth, with a brighter and whiter smile, sometimes crown lengthening can really help.

If you had a tooth break and you want to get a crown placed on what is left, you may also need crown lengthening. This will expose more of your tooth, giving the new dental crown something to adhere to. If you want a crown to be stable and long-lasting, then this is often done prior to placing the crown.

Talking to your periodontist before getting this procedure done can give you a lot of insight as to how it will feel, and what you will look like once the procedure is over. They can tell you how your mouth is likely to respond, and what you should do during recovery. Any questions you have about crown lengthening, your periodontist should be able to answer for you.

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