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How Crown Lengthening Boosts the Health of Teeth

Posted on 2/27/2017 by Dr. David Mugford
An elderly woman receiving a crown lengthening treatment.
If you are concerned about the health of your teeth, one option that might help you is getting your crowns lengthened. Crown lengthening helps the health of your teeth by boosting the amount of tooth protruding from your gum line, which in turn helps to protect the tooth over which the crown extension is placed.

Here is more information on the subject.

What is crown lengthening?

When you have a crown put in, your dentist will prepare an orthodontic construct that will fit over the tooth you currently have; this construct is called a crown. The construct looks, feels, and operates like your natural tooth.

It is essentially a cap made out of a hardened material (most commonly porcelain) that fits over the tooth and permanently remains there, covering and protecting it.

A crown can protect a tooth that has been damaged or is in danger of being damaged through excessive wear or decay. However, in order for a crown to properly function, you must have a certain amount of tooth exposed.

This is where crown lengthening comes in: we will perform a small surgical procedure that will remove a small amount of gum tissue around the tooth. This, in turn, will allow the crown to properly adhere to the tooth, thus providing the protection and durability that you need to protect the remaining natural tooth.
How does crown lengthening boost the health of your teeth?

By helping with the placement of a crown that will protect a tooth that may have been weakened, whether through normal wear and tear or due to disease, decay, or physical trauma, crown lengthening helps to keep your smile happy and healthy.

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