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Is My Child at Risk For Periodontal Disease or Gum Disease?

Posted on 10/20/2016 by Dr. David Mugford
A young girl at risk for gum disease!
Gum disease and periodontal disease are serious oral health risks that can take drastic tolls on your mouth and even set you up for heart disease. It makes sense that a person would be concerned about the periodontal health of their child considering the ramifications that neglect can bring.

Preparing for the Future

Gum disease and its (more serious) counterpart, periodontal disease, are not typically conditions that affect children. Very young children almost never show signs of gum disease and it only occasionally affects adolescents. That being said, it is frequently found in teens and young adults. Kids who are brought up following and respecting good oral health habits are much less likely to show signs of gum disease in early adulthood.

By teaching positive oral hygiene habits to your child you are giving them a gift that they can carry with them for the rest of their life. Gum disease is a condition that can have serious detrimental effects on a person's overall health throughout their life. It is linked to cardiovascular disease and can easily lead to tooth and bone loss in the jaw.

Diet is a Big Factor

One of the most overlooked factors in oral health is diet. Americans are consuming more sugar than ever before and the only thing that loves sugar more than us is the bacteria within our mouth. The bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease thrive on sugar and highly acidic foods such as candy, soda, and sweets.

By altering your child's diet to contain less sugar you are limiting the resources available to the harmful bacteria within their mouth.
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